From our company, to yours.

Our commercial facilities service excels in both the meticulous commissioning and efficient de-commissioning processes, our thorough methods ensure seamless maintenance and optimal functionality throughout the lifecycle of any equipment.

We pride ourselves on our high quality and industry leading knowledge when it comes to any project we undertake. PLT Group provide a complete range of flat and pitched roofing services, carrying out projects nationwide. We are one of Kent’s premier roofing contractors.

Providing drain repairs and maintenance work to a diverse range of commercial businesses across London and the South East, supplying you with high quality workmanship, with client focused services.

Our expertise encompasses the mechanical design, supply, and installation, ensuring a seamless integration of high-quality components tailored to meet specific project requirements.

Commercial Services at a reasonable price

From our company to yours. PLT GROUP Specialise in comprehensive Facilities, Roofing, Drainage and Mechanical Services in the building sector.

From your initial enquiry, to your complete installation, all of our customers will have a single point of contact who will recommend the best solution for you.

We specialise in the installation, maintenance, repairs of commercial and industrial Facilities, Roofing, Drainage and Mechanical systems across England and The South East. 

We understand the importance of communication throughout the projects from conception to completion, which is why our reputation is built on customer liaison and attention to detail.

At PLT GROUP, we pride ourselves on our expert service and so we value our transparent pricing system. 

Our upfront quotes for commercial Facilities, Roofing, Drainage, and Mechanical services simplify the process of allocating company budgets towards these essential applications.

To provide an accurate quote, we will dispatch one of our commercial tradesmen to evaluate the scope and extent of the services required. Typically, this survey is provided free of charge, but in rare cases, we may need to charge a fee. See our commercial rates page for more information.

Supporting the Commercial and Industrial sector

We are proud to support the commercial & Industrial sector with our services from commercial drainage to Industrial roofing.

Commercial Facilities, Roofing, Drainage and Mechanical are critical components of any building’s infrastructure. These systems are responsible for providing businesses with essential services, such as clean water, heating, and drainage.

Commercial plumbing systems are designed to handle higher volumes of water and are built to withstand more significant pressures than residential systems.

Mechanical systems provide a reliable source of heat to keep buildings warm during the colder months. Similarly, commercial heating systems are designed to provide adequate heat to large buildings, ensuring occupants are comfortable throughout the day.

Drainage systems are responsible for removing wastewater and preventing flooding, which can cause significant damage to a business.

Commercial roofing involves the installation, repair, and maintenance of durable roofing systems designed to protect large-scale structures such as office buildings, warehouses, and industrial facilities from weather elements while ensuring longevity and structural integrity.

It is crucial to work with experienced professionals who have the necessary expertise to install and maintain these systems properly, this is where PLT GROUP can help. 

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