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Prevent disruption at your restaurant, pub or cafe with our expert drainage services

Drainage in Restaurants, Pubs & Cafes

Running a busy restaurant, pub or cafe can keep you busy enough without having to find a reliable company to resolve a drainage issue in Kent. Let PLT GROUP take the stress out of looking and choose PLT GROUP for all your drainage needs. 

Due to persistent use of bathrooms, toilets and busy kitchens, hospitality businesses such as restaurants, pubs and cafes are prone to many drainage issues. These problems can lead to the sudden closure of businesses, causing loss of revenue and a potentially damaged reputation should customers be unsatisfied. 

Helping our clients, attending at  convenient times that suit you and your business. We are able to visit out of business hours should this be necessary.

Are team are extremely experienced in dealing with hospitality drainage issues – such as tough blockages, clogged drains and plumbing solutions. With our highly trained, experienced engineers, we will have your drainage system back up and running as usual in no time. 

PLT GROUP pride ourselves on providing a first class service every-time, no matter how big or small the job. 

Why are restaurants, pubs & cafes likely to have drainage issues?

Over time a build up of fats, grease and oils can cause drainage problems. At restaurants, pubs and cafes where toilets, sinks, kitchens and other facilities are in frequent use, an unwanted build up is extremely likely to occur. 

If these drains are not regularly cleaned out, it can lead to creation of a dreaded fatburg – a highly unpleasant mass of solids and non biodegradable items which cause a blockage within the drainage and sewer system.

Higher number of customers and staff using facilities increase the risk of unhygienic problems developing in the bathroom, this can include blocked toilets or sinks. the misuse of flushing unnecessary amounts of toilet paper down the toilet or sanitary products.


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