Drain Root Removal

Root removal is an important part of drain maintenance

Drain Root Removal

Tree root removal is an important part of drain maintenance and it can cause severe problems if the tree roots grow into the drains, breaking pipes underground and allowing sewage to leak into the ground around the property.

Tree roots growing into drain pipes can cause serious drainage issues in and around your property, including letting sewage leak into the ground surrounding the property. 

PLT GROUP would use our CCTV inspection camera to see whether there is a blockage caused by a tree root or other issue. This also allows us to see any future issues that may become a problem. Then we would remove these roots and repair the problems that they have caused. 

Using our most up to date water-propelled root cutter we can slowly trim back root intrusion, restoring the damaged, blocked pipe to its full capacity. Using our CCTV process this would ensure that the structure of the pipe is kept perfectly intact and to assess how much damage the root has actually caused to the pipe, if any. 

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