Unvented High Efficiency Cylinders

Why have an unvented high efficiency cylinder?

Why should i have an unvented cylinder installed within my home?

What is a unvented high efficiency cylinder, why may i need one? PLT GROUP can explain everything you need to know. Get your new cylinder installed in Kent and The South East in as little as 24 hours.

Megaflow HE Cylinders

Megaflow are not the only brand of unvented hot water cylinders we also install, maintain and service other cylinder makes such as Ariston and Ozo with many more.


The above features describe MegaFlow’s new range of HE cylinders which use a ‘coil in coil’ heat exchanger to deliver more hot water quicker than previous models. Please also note that older models may differ in specification, always consult your manual.

Benefits of a Megaflow HE system

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