Ball valve replacement

Ball valve replacement near me

Leaking overflow on your toilet or header tank… We can ensure your ball valve replacement. 

“Big enough to cope, small enough to care”. 

That endless flush…

Our engineers are experts in their field when it comes to fixing any toilet system.

They can replace a faulty ball valve within your toilet if theres a continuous flow of water into the bowl, this will be because your ball valve isn’t shutting the water flow off once the float valve has reached its set level. If this is the case it’s likely that it could do with being looked at. Depending on the age and condition of your ball valve it may be a replacement or a simple internal washer replacement. 

Is your overflow dripping?

Getting your dripping overflow is important and could save you money!

Carrying out a ball valve replacement on your header tank is so simple for our expert engineers, which they can do with hardly any fuss. 

If you notice that there is dripping coming from your overflow pipe, usually located near your soffit board by your roof, this mean you may need a ball valve replacement which our engineers at PLT GROUP can do for you easily. Leaving the professionals to carry out this replacement for you leaves you with peace of mind!

Please contact PLT GROUP today to speak to one of our team about your options.

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