Drainage Excavation

Drain excavation & Sewer excavations

Drainage Excavation

Our engineers will make sure they do everything possible to prevent drain excavations.

When the unexpected occurs and a drain collapses requires repair or if you wanting to upgrade your drainage system, PLT GROUP can provide a fully inclusive service for drain excavation in the South East. 

Occasionally a blockage is too tight, a tree root too grown into a drain or a drain pipe too damaged to repair or even collapsed. In thee cases fitting a replacement pipe is the only option and excavation is required to amend these issues. 

We don’t take excavations lightly as they can be extremely disruptive as well as taking longer and costing more than our no-dig methods, however when we are given no other option we try to minimise the digging as much as we can and carry out all works in the fastest time scale as possible. 

Why would you need drainage excavation?


If you are trying to fix an old leaky drainpipe, you may need to instead, replace it. Which would mean digging up the pipe and replacing it. We would only suggest a drainage excavation if your problem is severe. 

Our team will find the best solution to your problem with the most cost effective price possible. Our goal is to provide a quick and effective repair  along with the minimum amount of disruption possible to your home or business. 

There would be instances where excavation is necessary, if a drain has collapsed and cant be relined, in this case drainage excavation may be the only option to fix this problem. This would mean that our team are able to fix the problem quickly and efficiently. 

Some of the most common problems which can require drainage excavation include:

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