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Graffiti occurrences can catch you off guard, often appearing overnight or unexpectedly. Not only does graffiti mar the exterior of your premises, giving it an unprofessional and unsightly look, but it also poses a threat to building surfaces, potentially leading to costly repairs and maintenance expenses.

Here at PLT GROUP, we provide professional graffiti removal and cleaning services, ensuring not only the swift removal of graffiti but also the restoration of your building surfaces to their original state. Whether you’re grappling with a persistent graffiti problem or need prompt and professional graffiti removal, PLT GROUP is here to assist you.

Upon arrival at your business premises, our expert team evaluates the vandalised building material and determines the most suitable cleaning methods and products for the job. It’s crucial to entrust this task to a professional graffiti removal and cleaning company to prevent further damage to the surface.

Equipped with a diverse range of specialist chemicals and cleaning equipment, our technicians efficiently restore your building premises to its former glory, all while ensuring a quick and cost-effective solution. For swift and professional graffiti removal and cleaning services, reach out to PLT GROUP today!

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How is Graffiti Removed?

Graffiti found on walls and other building surfaces can manifest in various forms, ranging from markers and paint to stickers and aerosol spray paints.

Conventional cleaning approaches often struggle to completely eradicate all traces of vandalism, potentially leading to further incidents. Our professional graffiti removal services utilize specialized techniques to ensure the preservation of the surface, leaving no damage or residual marks.

Once satisfaction with the outcome is confirmed, our team commences the removal process. Employing gentle yet effective techniques, we ensure thorough and professional graffiti removal without compromising the integrity of the building surface. To deliver effective and professional graffiti removal services, our team is extensively trained, compliant, and fully insured to operate at various heights. We employ proven removal methods and utilise a diverse array of chemical and cleaning materials tailored to your specific building fabric.

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