New Shower Installation

Installing your home with a new shower

New Electric shower installation

Do you need a new shower installation in your bathroom? Contact PLT GROUP for a professional new shower installation today!

Electric showers are one of the most versitile types of shower avaiable on the market to date. They are ideal if you want to be able to have an instant hot shower, plus they offer the potential for energy savings, win win!

To have an electric shower within your home you will need to have good water pressure with from mains supply or a shower pump, this means it doesn’t require hot water from your boiler or tank.

These compact showers are hassle free when it comes to installation so you can expect less disruption when it comes to your new installation. 

Mixer Shower Installation

A great shower, the most common shower that we install in homes across the UK. 

A mixer shower differs from an electric shower by needing an existing course of hot water. To output at your perfect, desired temperature. A mixer shower does exactly what it suggests, it mixes your hot and cold water together before sending it out of your shower head. 

There are two different styles of mixer showers available on the market, providing the same out come but with a difference in the style.

Exposed valve mixer shower – This is fitted on the outside of your tiling.

Concealed valve mixer shower – This is built into the tiling of your shower enclosure, creating a sleeker and less cluttered appearance, perfect for the more modern, luxurious bathroom. 

Power Shower Installation

Cant decide between a mixer shower or an electric shower? A power shower could be the solution for your home!

Like a power shower they require a hot and cold water supply, if you have low water pressure at your home then this could be the solution you have been looking for as this improves weak water pressure.

PLT GROUP are experts in our field when it comes to installing new power showers in your property, contact us today to book in the installation of your new power shower. 

Digital Shower Installations

Digital showers are more of a recent invention and are ideal for those who like to have the latest technology in their homes!

The main difference between digital showers and others is that it provides an incredibly precise water temperature control, which can be set at the touch of a button.

Digital showers work like a mixer shower meaning it takes hot water straight from your boiler. They are very versatile and options are available for all types of water systems or boilers, some can even be compatible with smart devices. 

Please contact PLT GROUP today to make a tech upgrade in your bathroom.

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