Outside Tap Installation

Outside Tap Installation Service with PLT GROUP

New Outside Tap Installations

Rest assured that PLT GROUP are no strangers when it comes installing your new outside tap. Whether you need an old one replacing r a completely new one installed we have you covered. 

There are a couple of things to consider however, when you do decide to get a new tap installed where there isn’t one already. 

You should always take in to consideration how close a cold water pipe is to where you want your new outside tap to be located. Taking that into consideration, the closer the cold water pipe is to the new outside tap, the cheaper the installation will be. Usually the outside tap will be fed from the kitchen sink, if it backs on to your garden or even the front of your property. 

Always fitted by professionals

You may be tempted to fit your outside tap yourself, however we still have to follow water regulations.

Every outside tap that we supply and install we ensure we fit an isolation valve and a double check valve. We do not use DIY kits as we cannot guarantee the quality of the materials. Every tap we fit is hard piped in copper also. 

Please contact PLT GROUP today to speak to one of our team about your options. 

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