Drain Pipe Lining & Patch Repair

No-dig patch repair services

Drain pipe lining & patch repair

PLT GROUP offer drain pipe lining and patch repairs we offer these services in Kent and The South East for domestic and commercial clients.

Drain lining offers a practical, cost effective and mess-free solution to repairing many cracked drains. Where patch repairs are often the cheaper solution, if the damage extends to a greater diameter, more than 1000mm, drain lining is the next best option to go for. 

Drain lining involves lining the inside of your existing pipework with a special polymer lining which bonds to the inside of the pipe, providing waterproofing and a long lasting repair solution. 

Where possible we always aim to make every effort to repair your drains using non-invasive methods such as pipe lining or patch repairs, unfortunately, in some cases, the damage to your drain pipe can be too severe for the drain relining to provide a suitable repair, in which case drain excavation is the only other suitable option. 

No-dig patch Repair

PLT GROUP are installers of he Pipe Doctor No-dig Patch Repair system. 

Pipe Doctor is the preferred choice for PLT GROUP as it is the only WRc approved patch repair system in the marketplace which is a very high-performance no-dig pipe repair solution that provides a quick and easy way to repair damaged drain pipes and sewerage pipe systems. This specific system can be used for drain pipe repairs of 70-560mm diameter and if required, larger. 

Some of the benefits of using patch repair are: 

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