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When it comes to maintaining optimal drainage for your commercial property, the PLT Drainage division understands the vital importance of this aspect.

We are committed to delivering efficient and prompt solutions to various drainage challenges that your business may encounter. Our expertise covers a wide range of issues, including blockages, damaged pipes, drain obstructions, and, when necessary, high-pressure water jetting.

We are fully aware of the adverse impact these problems can have on your business operations, and our engineers are here to offer you swift and effective solutions.

Blocked or deteriorated drains pose significant challenges for commercial enterprises, especially those in the hospitality industry such as bars, restaurants, and hotels that serve the public extensively. Unfortunately, these businesses are particularly susceptible to drainage issues due to the high volume of facility usage. 

Blocked Drains

In the bustling commercial sector of London and the South of England, PLT Drainage shines as the go-to expert for swift and efficient drain unblocking solutions. Our dedicated team understands the critical nature of maintaining unobstructed drainage systems in businesses across these vibrant regions.

We employ cutting-edge techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to tackle even the most stubborn blockages, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations. With PLT Drainage, you can count on a seamless experience, where timely resolutions to drain issues keep your commercial endeavours running smoothly. Trust us to be your trusted partner in maintaining the free flow of business, one unblocked drain at a time.

High Pressure Water Jetting

Commercial drainage in London and the South High-pressure water jetting is a cleaning method that uses a high-pressure water stream to clean surfaces and remove debris, buildup, or blockages. The water is pressurised through a specialised machine and delivered through a nozzle that can be adjusted to control the pressure and flow rate of the water stream. The force of the water can be powerful enough to break up and remove stubborn materials, such as grease, oil, or tree roots from drain pipes, as well as clean surfaces like concrete, pavement, or walls.
High-pressure water jetting is commonly used in industrial cleaning, surface preparation, and drain cleaning applications, as it is an effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly cleaning method that does not require the use of harsh chemicals.
Contact PLT Drainage division and see how we can help your business keep things flowing smoothly. 

CCTV Drain Pipe Surveys

Over time, drains can suffer from a number of issues, causing reduced flow and possibly the risk of collapse. When you find a problem with your drainage, understandably, you want it fixed as soon as possible.

To identify any problems we can use our remote controlled CCTV camera and we will be able to find the cause of the problem in no time at all. Our highly trained engineers will carry out your CCTV survey for you and this will speed up the process of finding the cause of the problem considerably. They will inspect and diagnose the the cause of the problem quickly and efficiently. 

Our expert engineers will be able to see what the problem is straight away, rather than making an assumption due to limited evidence, then your engineer will be able to devise a plan and a solution to the problem. 

Pre-planned Drain Maintenance

Pre-planned drain maintenance (PPM) is a scheduled routine check up, to ensure all drainage , plumbing, guttering, grease traps and pipework in your business are in full working order. 

Our drain detectives regularly carry out these pre planned maintenance works for a range of commercial clients. They are able to go through any problem areas with our customers and propose a bespoke tailored maintenance plan to prevent loss of earnings due to disruption to the business. 

Why should you have a planned maintenance plan in place?

It can help reduce high-cost emergency plumbing and avoids unplanned expenditure. Planned maintenance can also help avoid health and safety issues that may arise from loss of facilities access. When an unexpected blockage and overflowing drains occur this could cause loss of revenue for your business PPM can help reduce this unfortunate event happening within your business.

We have individual maintenance plans that can suit your businesses specific needs and requirements, at a range of prices. 

Emergency Drain Services

We provide 24/7 drainage call-out services in the event of an emergency. Drainage emergencies can often occur unexpectedly, so rely on us to be at your property as soon as possible!

A blocked or overflowing drain can be an issue and could present a potentially concerning problem. Overflowing pipes and drainage systems can cause water damage to your business and your contents, this is why PLT Drainage division try our upmost to be at your site within the hour of your drainage emergency, where possible. 

We understand just how important it is to deal with drain problems as soon as they occur – a blocked sink is one thing but a burst sewer pipe is another that need immediate attention. If your water valve fails to shut off, you really need a drain unblocking expert to attend your property quickly.

PLT Drainage is your trusted partner for safeguarding your valuable commercial property and assets. Our 24/7 emergency drain specialists are at your service, ready to swiftly address any issues that may arise. You can have peace of mind knowing that we are committed to resolving your problems promptly and effectively, ensuring the protection of your commercial property and assets.

Services we provide within the drainage sector

Detecting blocked drains early can majorly reduce damage to your drainage system

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When it comes to your business drainage issues can be a regular problem if you do not keep on top of your drains maintenance

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Drains can suffer from a number of issue over time leading to reduced flow and even blockages, CCTV investigation can find the cause of the problem

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High-pressure water jetting is the most effective way of unblocking drains, de-scaling and removing any blockages effectively

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Cleaning and even unblocking drains, Ableforce have your every need covered

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Surface cleaning can be provided for patios to driveways to graffiti to fence panels

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Picote drain cleaning is a fast, efficient, and environmentally friendly method that uses high-speed rotating chains and specialised grinding heads to remove blockages and buildup from drains.

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Drain pipe lining and patch repair involve non-invasive methods that use advanced materials and techniques to repair damaged or leaking pipes from the inside, restoring proper flow and preventing the need for excavation.

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Drain excavations involve digging and exposing the damaged or clogged section of a drain pipe, allowing for repairs or replacement of the affected area, as a last resort.

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Blockages and repairs can be unexpected and come when you least expect it, we are on hand 24/7 for all your drainage needs

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Cracked or damaged pipes? We work hard to avoid having to dig up pipes

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Gully cleaning is the process of removing debris and buildup from the gully or drain inlets that connect to the main sewer line, preventing blockages and ensuring proper drainage.

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Drain root removal involves using specialised tools and methods to remove invasive roots that grow into drain pipes, preventing blockages and damage to the plumbing system.

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Drain de-scaling is the process of removing hard water deposits and scale buildup from the inside of drain pipes, improving flow and preventing corrosion and damage to the plumbing system.

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Leak detection services use advanced technology and methods to locate hidden leaks in plumbing systems, preventing water waste, property damage, and potential health hazards.

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Drain tracing involves using specialised equipment to identify and map the layout and depth of underground drain pipes, facilitating repairs, maintenance, and construction planning.

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