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We specialise in delivering technically sophisticated and integrated service solutions, offering a comprehensive approach that covers all facets of your facilities. Our method ensures you have a singular point of contact, streamlining communication and support for your broader business strategies.

Our process involves collaborating with a meticulously selected supply chain, bolstered by cutting-edge technology systems. This synergy allows us to provide complete end-to-end services. These services are designed to not only enhance the workplace and the experience of your employees but also to effectively minimise risks. Additionally, we focus on optimising the life cycles of your assets and reducing the operational costs of your facilities.

Our commitment goes beyond mere service provision; we aim to be an integral part of your business’s success, aligning our solutions with your strategic goals. By choosing us, you are ensuring a partnership that values efficiency, innovation, and a deep understanding of the nuances of facility management.

PLT Facilities

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Facilities management plays a crucial role in the upkeep and safety of commercial buildings, encompassing a range of services essential for the smooth operation of these structures.

From the maintenance of fire doors, which are vital for ensuring fire safety and compliance with regulations to the maintenance and repair of your commercial boilers. These systems are the heart of a building’s heating and hot water supply, and their efficient operation is essential for the comfort of occupants and energy efficiency.Additionally, managing the drainage system in commercial buildings is essential to prevent water damage and maintain hygiene standards. This includes routine cleaning, unblocking, and repair of drainage systems to avoid disruptions and costly damage.

PLT GROUP are here for all your facilities management requirements, contact us to find out how we can assist your business and keep it running smoothly.  


Commissioning Systems

Commissioning is a critical step in ensuring a system functions as intended. Without proper commissioning, there’s a risk that the system won’t perform according to its design or installation specifications. Such shortcomings can lead to system damages, entailing extra expenses for spare parts, downtime incidents, and dissatisfaction among building occupants, including your employees.

To prevent these issues, our engineers undergo rigorous, up-to-date training from manufacturers, equipping them to commission systems to the highest standards. They also generate detailed commissioning reports for your documentation, ensuring transparency and accountability in the commissioning process. This meticulous approach guarantees that your systems operate efficiently and effectively, minimising potential problems and maximising satisfaction.


Decommissioning typically becomes necessary for various systems, often occurring towards the end of a lease, in cases of technology upgrades, system strip-outs, and unit relocations. This comprehensive decommissioning process involves a range of essential steps, such as draining and isolating wet systems or safely degassing refrigerant systems to facilitate subsequent works.

At PLT Facilities, our expert team not only handles the physical decommissioning but also ensures that all processes adhere to industry compliance standards. Additionally, we provide detailed decommissioning reports and waste transfer notes, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the entire process. Our commitment to excellence extends to every facet of decommissioning, guaranteeing that the transition is seamless and environmentally responsible.

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