Retail Drainage

From small shops to larger department stores

Drainage for Shops and Shopping Centres

Tailored drainage solutions for retail drainage using the latest tools and industry techniques resulting in delivering fast solutions in Kent. 

All our engineers are expertly qualified to deal with numerous types of drainage works, our engineers are able to work across a wide range of commercial properties such as:


We know that drainage work can cause massive disruptions to commercial businesses, causing not only inconvenience to you as the owner but also the customer to which you provide your services, not to mention your staff. Our experienced engineers understand the importance of projects running smoothly, to effect your business as little as possible thus insuring a quick and successful drain repair or maintenance with minimal disturbance to your business. 

Why chose PLT GROUP for drainage for the retail sector?

When it comes to drainage problems in shops and shopping centres, this can cause major problems for your staff and customers alike. 

In shopping centres there will be a high usage of the toilet and drainage facilities due to the high number of customers within the centre. This is why it is important to keep your drainage system running freely and this is where it is imperative that you have a pre-planned maintenance contract in place, to prevent a problem before it comes an issue for your business. 

Ableforce offer pre-planned maintenance contracts for shopping centres and all retail businesses to prevent closure of facilitates to customers and your staff. 

Some of the areas we cover are:

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