High Pressure Water Jetting

Fast and highly effective high pressure water jetting services near you

What is high pressure water jetting?

work throughout the South East providing the best high pressure water jetting to make easy work of clearing drains in properties. 

Jetting is a cleaning method that uses a high pressure water stream to clean surfaces and remove debris, buildup, or blockages.

The water is pressurised through a specialised machine and delivered through a nozzle that can be adjusted to control the pressure and flow rate of the water stream. The force of the water can be powerful enough to break up and remove stubborn materials, such as grease, oil, or tree roots from drain pipes, as well as clean surfaces like concrete, pavement, or walls.

Jetting is commonly used in industrial cleaning, surface preparation, and drain cleaning applications, as it is an effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly cleaning method that does not require the use of harsh chemicals.

How can PLT GROUP use high pressure water jetting?

Not only can we provide services for unblocking drains and removing scale, we can also use our jetting services to clear property guttering, pollution spills, roofs and even decking and patios.

No matter how difficult the job may be, we have you covered. PLT GROUP can also offer grease removal, spin cleaning, root cutting, cleaning of surfaces and graffiti removal and many more services.

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