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Central heating radiators work in conjunction with your boiler to insure each room in your home is warm, comfortable and cosy. The radiators are a visual and central part of your home so it’s always important to look after them and make sure they’re working efficiently as possibly.

Are your radiators old and tired this can have a massive effect on how well your home is heated, even with a brand new boiler installed. The radiators work with in conjunction with your boiler as part of the overall central heating system, so old domestic radiators could be preventing your boiler from working as well as it should be.

In some cases bleeding your radiators can help to fix small problems and bring more heat into your home but this is not usually the case.

Not only can old radiators not give out as much heat but a much more serious problems to your home can occur. Burst pipes and leaks can occur when a new boiler is installed into an old central heating system due to the added water pressure. They could also contain a build-up of sludge which could then find itself into your new boiler. One very good cost affective way instead of replacing your radiators could be a power flush.

Types of radiators

New Quality Radiators

At PLT GROUP we pride ourselves in installing only the highest quality radiators. Stelrad are the UK’s The radiators we offer are popular modern radiators at a reasonable and respectful price, from column radiators to vertical radiators, there’s an option to suit your needs and home.

Designer Radiators

Bring stylish and efficiency into your home with an expertly designed range of radiators with the latest trends to suit a wide range of tastes and interiors.

Compact Radiators

Compact radiator range is perfect for fitting into a smaller space while still keeping your home nice and warm.

The compact radiators are designed to fit with the interior of any home and be affordable for those on a smaller budget. There is a wide range of height and width options so the compact radiator can be tailored to work for any space required.

The PLT GROUP range of radiators provide outstanding quality and remarkable performance installed by one of our Gas safe registered engineers. Why not get in touch with one of our experts today to discuss upgrading your central heating system with new radiators.

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