Schools, Colleges & University Drainage Services

Preventing drainage disruption at your educational establishment

Schools, Colleges & Universities

Helping all educational sectors including schools, colleges, universities, nurseries and pre-schools with all aspects of their drainage requirements should a problems arise, no matter how small or big the job, PLT GROUP have you covered.  

With the high usage of facilities at schools, colleges and universities there is a good chance that, at some point there will be a drainage issue, however, this does not need to become a problem or an emergency drainage issue. We can provide pre planned maintenance contracts for this exact reason, to prevent a problem before it actually has any effect to your institution. 

Blocked toilets and drains or burst water pipes and waste water flooding can lead to major disruption at any educational premises. For health and safety to all staff and students, as well as the smooth operation within the school, it is critical that these sites maintain their drainage system, thats where PLT GROUP can help. 

Our services include drain cleaning and unblocking, emergency repairs and drain excavations and many more services. 

What can cause drainage problems at educational institutions?

At locations where toilets, sinks, kitchens and other facilities are in constant use, such as schools and universities, are extremely prone to unwanted build-ups of fat oil and grease in the drainage system. 

If this is left untreated, these can create big blockages, which in turn can lead to flooding, repairs or drain excavations which would in turn lead to the closure of the building. 

Educational institutions are at the increased risk of blockages due to female sanitary products being wrongly flushed down the toilet. It is estimated that 2 billion sanitary products are flushed down the toilet each year. This is why it is important to have pre planned drainage maintenance contracts to prevent this build up, and keep the drains running freely. 

All our engineers are fully CRB checked and hold all relevant qualifications for all drainage services.

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