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Specialising in comprehensive facilities, roofing, drainage and mechanical services in the building sector, we ensure comfort, functionality, efficiency, and safety for all your building needs.

Our facilities service excels in both the meticulous commissioning and efficient de-commissioning processes, our thorough methods ensure seamless maintenance and optimal functionality throughout the lifecycle of any equipment.

We pride ourselves on our high quality and industry leading knowledge when it comes to any project we undertake. PLT Group provide a complete range of flat and pitched roofing services, carrying out projects nationwide. We are one of Kent’s premier roofing contractors.

Providing drain repairs and maintenance work to a diverse range of commercial businesses across London and the South East, supplying you with high quality workmanship, with client focused services.

Our expertise encompasses the mechanical design, supply, and installation, ensuring a seamless integration of high-quality components tailored to meet specific project requirements.

Welcome to PLT GROUP

We are PLT GROUP, dedicated to catering to your specific requirements and aiding in the essential transformations you need. Our four specialised divisions ensure sustainable, tailor-made, comprehensive solutions in every area. Whether it involves servicing, maintenance, repairs, design, installation, or commissioning, rest assured, we have it all under control.

Our growth and establishment stem from offering dependable, consistent services, with a focus on creating long-term value for our clients, employees, and the wider community.

We offer extensive commercial maintenance services across Commercial, Offices, Hospitality, and Retail sectors, supported by a team of qualified, versatile professionals adept in handling reactive, emergency, and planned preventive maintenance tasks. 

Case Studies

“Discover Our Approach to Providing Outstanding Solutions”

Mechanical Plant Room Installation

This particular project has reached a significant milestone, with all temporary wiring meticulously installed in anticipation of the finalisation of control systems and thermal insulation.

Commercial CCTV Drainage Surveys

CCTV drainage surveys is crucial for understanding the condition and structure of underground sewer and drainage systems on any commercial site. 

PLT Roofing

We specialise in offering top-quality commercial roofing services to meet your business’s specific needs.