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Tell us about your home

Firstly you will fill our your online survey to tell us all that we need to know about your property type and existing heating system. If we need to check anything, we may ask for a few photos later. 

This will only take a few minutes and with us removing home survey visits, carried out by a salesperson, this allows Ableforce to offer unbeatable prices.

Choose the right boiler for your home

With the information you provide, we will give you a selection of boilers and packages that is the best suited to all your needs within your home. 

We will then give you our recommendation alongside both, budget and premium alternatives. You will have the option to add any extras you may require.

PLT GROUP supply great packages to suit every property type and budget. 

Select your boiler installation date and payment method

Once you have completed your online survey you will then be able to select a date which best suits you. 

By removing the salespeople from our process, PLT GROUP can offer unbeatable prices.

You could pay monthly for your new boiler using our finance options or you can pay a deposit upfront and the remainder on satisfactory completion of your new boiler installation. The choice is yours. 

Your engineer will install your new system

Finally, on your preferred date your, PLT GROUP certified engineer will install your package based on your requirements and our expertise. Your local Gas safe engineer will complete your new boiler install quickly, efficiently and mess free. 

Your engineer will ensure to install your new boiler with the least disruption as possible and will leave your home as if we hadn’t even been there. 

PLT GROUP provide a 12 month workmanship warranty on-top of the manufacturer warranty of up to 13 years depending, on which boiler you choose. For complete peace of mind. 


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What We Cover


See below some our frequently asked questions and our experts answers

If you have no problems with your boiler or central heating and you just want to safeguard your existing central heating system and boiler then we would recommend that you have a service to ensure your system is running safely, correctly and reduce the risk of your boiler breaking down and leaving you in the cold. 

If your having issues with your central heating system or boiler then a service would not fix this problem. 

You would need a central heating or boiler repair to fix any issues, then afterwards it would be good practice to carry out a full service your boiler. 

A boiler service is carried out to minimise the risk of your boiler breaking down and most importantly ensuring your boiler is working safely. 

This is why the boiler can only be worked on by Gas safe registered engineers. 

  • We will check your boiler for corrosion and leaks – clean the parts as required
  • Check the main components are working correctly
  • ensure the boiler is correctly sealed
  • Check the gas pressures
  • do a flue test to make sure the boiler combustion is correct and no unsafe emissions are coming from your boiler

PLT GROUP fix all home-based boilers and we can even fix commercial boilers too. Although this is a different service. If you require a commercial service please speak to us before hand to book this in, as this would require a commercial engineer to attend.  

We do not fix oil boiler, electric boiler or solid fuel boilers currently. 

Although we will do our best, we cannot guarantee we will be able to fix the issue in one visit as we may require additional parts. However, we do carry parts on board, but it is impossible to carry everything. If parts are required we can usually get these ordered and return the following day. We will always keep you informed on how long we think it will take to fix your problem. 

The quote is only for the work we have agreed with you. If you have multiple issues we will quote separately for other work needed unrelated to your original fault. 

An example of this would be – you called us about a boiler breakdown but also asked us to fix a leaking radiator.

If we cannot fix your problem, our engineer will let you know straight away and explain what your options are.

Yes, all parts that we use are brand new, genuine and manufacturer approved, where applicable. 

If you smell gas please call the free gas emergency phone number on 0800 111 999 immediately. They will advise you on safety measures that maybe required.